Day 28- Guilt Free Wrapping

I’ve recently joined a FaceBook group called ‘Plastic-free living tip swap’, which I can recommend having a look at if you’re trying to reduce your reliance on plastic. It’s incredibly difficult to avoid plastic altogether but there are some brilliant suggestions on there, and it’s also reassuring to know that other people are equally as bothered about the environment as I am.

So to get me started this year, I’m wrapping any Christmas presents I’m giving in brown paper. Ordinary wrapping paper can’t be recycled so this is one small step to limiting waste. I have tissue paper left over from last year so the above parcel I’ve wrapped in brown roll I bought from The Works, then chopped up pieces of newspaper to decorate. Strangely therapeutic, if I’m honest. And hey, the minimalist look is meant to be in, isn’t it?  Last year I used newspaper, which I quite liked too, but I was definitely eyed with disdain by some who clearly viewed me as a Scrooge-like sort of individual. Or just a nutter.

Anyway, should you be interested, check the site out as it’s most informative and challenges me to take my efforts on step further.