Day 26- Separate your recyclables

Incase you were in any doubt, Christmas is fast approaching, or so our major retailers are insisting anyway. We’re currently arranging our annual Christmas Fair at school, which is brilliant way to give some of our local artists and crafters an opportunity to show off their wares. Fairs are one of my favourite ways to do any shopping I need to, as they enable us to shop locally and support makers and doers in ur community.

The great thing about writing an independent blog is that I can give a great big shout out to some of the stall holders coming; namely     Earth Made, Tropic, Stella and Dot and Neil’s Yard.

I’ve volunteered at a few events over the years though, and in an effort to get things tidied up and away, recycling is often low on the list of priorities. All rubbish tends to get bunged into the same bag and is thus contaminated, so materials which are easily recycled end up being sent to landfill.

Thus, today’s ‘One Thing’ to consider over the few weeks is to help if you’re at any event where this is likely to happen. While activities are in full swing, if you are organising a craft fair or any kind of festive gathering, set out a few clearly marked bins for cardboard, plastic, compostables and mixed waste.

When we spend time at home fastidiously separating our waste, at bigger events it is irksome to think that overflowing bin liners full of rubbish are simply chucked out.

My husband is also fed with me coming home with bin bags which I upend in the yard and proceed to plunder through, sorting what I can. It’s not a great look, me in my marigolds, amidst a pile of rubbish. But it’s one I’ll leave you with anyway.