Day 24- Have your cake and eat it

Who doesn’t love a caramel square? That’s what I thought anyway when I was thinking of different events during my month of ‘Doing One Thing’ to bring about some positivity throughout November. It’s hard to feel too grim, when you’re tucking into a slab of The Mothership’s chocolate cake, or one of Gerry’s brownies, especially if you’ve just run 5km and therefore totally deserve it.

The lovely organisers at Ormeau parkrun agreed to my putting on a coffee morning upstairs in the room at the Ozone where we normally sojourn for a cup of tea or coffee.  Of course, I only mentioned it to a few people last week, and had planned to make most of the baked goods myself, with a bit of help from my mum. I was therefore almost beside myself with relief and delight when one by one, runners started to volunteer their baking services. This morning people arrived with trays of shortbread, fifteens, coconut macaroons, rocky roads and cupcakes. One park runner’s teenage daughter  had toiled away other Friday evening, creating beautiful iced carrot cake buns, which vanished so quickly it could n’t be caught on camera. Thanks Christie!

I felt quite overcome with emotion and was a bit teary, though this may have had something to do with the throb in my temples form last night’s over-exuberance on the wine. Still, one cup of tea and a paracetamol later, my spirits were once again buoyant, as first the buns poured in, and then the cash.


I wanted  to raise money to support The Burma Campaign UK, which is charity which works with the displaced Rohingya people, a minority group in Burma who have been driven from their homes by the Burmese military in an act which can only be described as ethnic cleansing. Despite the atrocities directed against them, the plight of the Rohingya has been largely ignored by the Western World and the perpetuators of the crimes against them have yet to be held to account.

Sometimes it’s brilliant to be able donate clothes and excess belongings and redistribute these to those in need. However, in cases such as these, it’s money that is needed  to provide access to clean water and medical aid in the squalid camps in which the Rohingya find themselves. Today at Ormeau we raised £265 from a single coffee morning, and some people donated directly to the charity on-line.  Huge thanks to everyone who came, ran, baked, ate and donated. You were wonderful.

(Please excuse the lack of park runners in the photographs. The room filled up so quickly that taking pictures was an impossibility, and got in the way of serious cake-eating.)