Day 22- Say thank you

Today it’s Thanksgiving in the US, and I have never, in all my life been to any class of Thanksgiving Event. Happily though, I’ve recently met a new friend who happens to be married to an American chap, and they’ve invited us to join them for a meal this evening with friends who are over from the States.. ‘How very jolly,’ I said, ‘a chance to drink wine of a weeknight, for a festive reason, as opposed to a feeling of desperation about life.’ My friend is Romanian, and shares a similar life view, as one prone to feelings of despondency but who keeps up and at it anyway.

My children are extremely excited and bouncing to and fro like chimpanzees on acid. It’s very wearing, but I suppose one should embrace childish enthusiasm instead of feeling irked. Alas, I am prone to feeling irked or peeved,, which is why I started writing in the first place, as a means of working through my frustration, and spewing my vitriol out as words upon a page, instead of directed at a significant other. It has, to a great extent worked, and LSB would testify that I’m not nearly as sour as I used to be.

Another tool I’ve employed to overcome feelings of negativity, is to list things for which I am grateful. When I do this, I smile more, and am more inclined to say thank you.

This morning I received a letter in the post from the Centre Point charity, thanking me for the money I raised from the ‘Big Broth’ event, where my friends came round and ate some soup to help homeless people. It warmed me that they so quickly acknowledged the donation and in turn I want to thank my friends who came and made me laugh that day, and my mum and brother who cooked most of the soup for me since I’d been off drinking Guinness in Galway until the day before.

Maybe we should adopt some of the sentiment of Thanksgiving here in Ireland. We don’t have to roast another turkey and chow down pie with sweet potato and marshmallow (does anyone REALLY need that in their lives?) but a day to ruminate upon what is good and rich in our lives might be good. Curmudgeonry as I am, I can’t recommend saying ‘thank you’ enough.