Day 13- Stop chucking wet-wipes down the loo

Here’s a revolting fact for you. No seriously, if you’re having a nice cup of tea and a bun look away, now. I’ve just had a scrambled egg and it’s seriously threatening to resurface. Out in the sea, there is now a new type of ‘berg’. It’s not an ice-berg, no, it’s a FAT-berg, and these are massive congealed bergs of vileness, made up of wipes that people have used to wipe their rear-ends and flushed down the loo. We can’t put all the blame on individuals, because big companies such as Andrex and Johnstons advertise some of their wipes as as being ‘flushable’. Have a read all about it here, and there’s a funny little video to help us break the habit.

‘Use us!’ these wipes say. ‘Your bottom will feel fresh and delightful without the need for a shower or trip to a bidet. And heaven forbid, say, you use an old fashioned, washable, flannel. Heavens no! You couldn’t be at that. no, let’s use wet wipes to clean our posteriors and then flush them thoughtlessly down the loo, where they DON’T disintegrate as the packs proclaim, but wreak all manner of chaos in the sewers, causing local councils thousands, as they attempt to unblock them.’


Honestly, I think our sewers have suffered enough. And we haven’t even thought of the poor b******ds who have to go in and sort it out! Think your day job is bad? Can you begin to imagine that task for anyone? There’s not enough gin in the world people.


Thus today, your ‘Do One Thing’ is to minimise our reliance on these items, or, should you be particularly attached to them, at the very least put them in a bin, not down the toilet. They are, of course, another form of plastic that we need to eliminate.


I’ve just Tweeted to Andrex, (@AndrexUK) to see what they’re going to do about it. I sent them a nice picture too. Maybe, if you feel like it doing another ‘one thing’ today, you could do the same and exert some pressure? Our sewers will thank you. 🙂