Day 5- Yoga for Surfers Against Sewage


Look at me, holding a tree posture of a Monday evening! Often on a Monday I go to my friend Orla’s Irish Dancing Class on the Ormeau, but in a most serendipitous, turn of events, it wasn’t on tonight so off to yoga I trotted with my friend Martina, half of that wonder duo Harper’s Yard, (though if one counts the lovely Brian Harper I guess it’s a trio). Martina told me about this class in The Maitri as she thought it was right up my street. Natalie, the instructor, (and what a svelte wee pixie she was too, I wasn’t a bit jealous) was holding the class in aid of the charity ‘Surfers Against Sewage‘ AND she intends to do one on a monthly basis for this super cause. As you all know, the oceans are just full of shite, and happily, some surfers, with what I imagine are exceptionally strong stomachs, are doing something about it. Martina heard one of the speakers when she attended a weekend over at the Eden Project in Cornwall last month, and was well taken with his passion and dedication to the cause.

Earlier today I had lunch in the Bobbin Cafe at the City Hall with Jackie Fraser and Gráinne McMacken from Belfast City Council. They were extremely generous with their time, telling me about some brilliant initiatives happening throughout the city at the moment to improve public’s well-being. It’s humbling indeed, to hear what’s afoot out there, and I shall expand upon what I learnt in a later post. However, Gráinne recently completed a swimming challenge to find raise for a trip to India with The Hope Foundation. As part of this, she took part regularly in ‘mini clean-ups‘ of beaches which she visited, and she encourages anyone to do this, since to paraphrase her, ‘It’s amazing what you can gather in just two minutes.’

So if you too, what to do something positive to improve the lot of our seas and oceans, check out the timetable at the Maitri, and if you visit a local beach see if you can lift a few pieces of litter. Obviously, I’m going to mention trying to minimise the number of single use plastics you use too, because ultimately, there’s some poor dolphins being garrotted or baby birds trying to ingest the top of a milk cartoon that their mum thought was a bit of toughened algae, and it’s all because of our total dependence on plastics.


I needed yoga in my life this evening, and this class didn’t disappoint. Sometimes it just takes a few sun salutations with a pal and a group of like minded souls to put put a smile on your face at the start of a new week.