Day 3- Shopping at the Fine and Dandy Market

Seriously, going to a lovely Narnia themed market, is this your idea of doing one positive thing in November, you may ask? Hardly a hardship! Well, lovely readers, I take your point, but I was on a mission to source some sustainable products, and as luck would have it, they were just down the road, at City Church.


I haven’t frequented a market in AGES. Back in the day, LSB and I were often to be found sipping coffee and munching on a sausage bap in St George’s Market of a Saturday morning, for recuperative purposes after an evening’s frivolity. Then we got married and started pro-creating, and for a while we carted the wee ones down with us, and mainlined the caffeine since we were getting about 2 hours sleep a night. However, soon we discovered parkrun, and it was actually easier to run 5km with a double buggy than face the throngs of shoppers in a tight space.


Recently though, The Fine and Dandy Market kept popping up on my Facebook feed, and when I noticed a company selling all things green, I thought, I need to haul my ass down to that. This morning I met the young couple from Earth Made, who suggest ways in which we can ditch the single use plastic and use some gorgeous products as well. They sell steel and bamboo straws, cleansers and cotton buds, shaving sets and lotions: all vegan and plastic free. For £8-50 I picked up a powder pink box of shampoo cubes, which smell citrussy and utterly indulgent. I appreciate that sounds pricey, but there were 24 mini blocks contained within. I better give one of these bad boys a try, I thought, before I start harassing people to buy them. Into the shower I got, and mushed it up into a paste in my palm, which worked up a mighty lather. I smooshed the rest around as a delightful alternative to shower gel. I didn’t need conditioner, and when I went to our lovely friends’ house for dinner they probably thought I’d lost the plot completely as I kept sniffing my glowing locks.


Another step to healthy hair is not washing it so often , stripping the bejesus out of every strand, with not a natural oil in sight. I’m convinced too, that some of those big brand shampoos likely contain nasties which make your hair look rank quite quickly, thus ensuring that it needs washed more. I’m telling you, cowboys the lot of them.


I also bought loo roll, because after cooking all that vegan food and supping pumpkin soup, we had fairly depleted our supplies. (TMI, the Mothership will screech). I’d heard of the brand ‘Who Gives a Crap‘ before, and in fact had heard a lady mention them recently on ‘Call you and yours’ on Radio 4. I must say, I do love Winifred Robinson. It’s a fine loo roll, and comes wrapped in paper, not plastic, and they donate half their profits to a third world charity to build toilets. What’s not to like? I bought three rolls, at a pound each, but if you buy in bulk you can get them cheaper.


Finally, I picked up some totally decadent hot chocolate. I’d have been happy to pay £3 for a glass of which some of the proceeds go to Flourish, a charity which helps victims of human trafficking.


The market would be a fabulous place to visit pre-Christmas, for gifts to buy that fecker of a friend who has everything a unique and unexpected present, and of course to encourage local artists and charitable organisations. I don’t think I ever appreciated the work that goes into creating a product; sourcing a venue and setting up a stall and spending hours every weekend trying to make a sale. It’s lovely to be able to support local traders; especially when you see the hours of work which have gone into their craft.