Day One: Vegan Day!


What is this teetering tower of loveliness? It’s breakfast, which a super organised me prepared last night: a lovely mix of granola, oats and almond milk with a sprinkling of flax seeds that the husband got in a marathon pack. Overnight oats obviate the need for cooking, which is a bonus, especially since I also made a steaming pot of chickpea curry which got a good hour on the hob last night. (As part of my eco-conscious month I’m trying to be more aware of my use of fossil fuels).

Prior to eating the curry this evening, I’m going to add a tin of coconut milk to give it a nice, unctuous finish, and throw in a packet of spinach, which will both enhance its appearance and boost its iron content significantly. A handful of coriander will also give it a fresh flavour, unless, like my mother you HATE coriander which she feels the need to tell us every time this herb is mentioned. EVERY time. ‘Herb of the devil’ she calls it. There are two tins of chickpeas in there plus a couple of oversized organic carrots, so there’s at least 6 portions. My children will probably look at it as though I’m trying to feed them cyanide, so for them I’ll chop up some tomatoes and cucumbers and feed them cheese toasties. This means that I can fill a tub for my friends down the road and they too can share the goodness of a vegan dinner. I’d have them round but we’ve just been on a trip together and they may well be ‘over-Helened’ by now, which is a condition that only a period of abstinence and a few stiff drinks can alleviate.


So why vegan for the first day of ‘Do One Thing?’ It’s because it’s World Vegan Day of course, and so it ties in nicely, especially since Do One Thing is all about being a bit ecologically aware and trying new ways to make us reduce our carbon footprint. Recent environmental studies showed that unless we address our current way of going, we have about 11 years before the planet suffers irreparable damage. Cheery, isn’t it? However, there are a few lifestyle changes we can make as individuals which have an immediate impact. The production of cattle is hugely damaging to the environment, so a couple of meat free days a week would make a dramatic difference, should large numbers of people make this one small change.


With this in mind, make a stew or a soup or fry up some tofu. Plan a vegan feast with friends or plan to attend one of the superb supper clubs run by that most dynamic of duos at The Edible Flower. Down at Al Gelato on the Ormeau Road, he’s doing a few vegan recipes and his stuff, as we all know, is fabulous. I’m prepared to admit it,  the thought of being a full-time, committed vegan makes me baulk just a little, but a few vegan tweeks to my life here and there? That I can do.


Remember, if you’re making something delightful, take a pic and fire it up on Instagram, using the hashtag: #Do1thingnovember, and #sourweeblog too.