Welcome along!

So what’s this Do1Thing lark about? I’ve tried to keep it simple. It’s doing one thing every day for the month of November, because, altogether now: ‘November can be shit’ . A chap I know says that every year his mum shakes her head as November rolls round. ‘Powerful lot of wakes,’ she says darkly, as only an Irish mammy can.

Every morning, should you wish to check in, I’ll be posting something that I’m up to, and with a suggestion how you can take it a step further, should you wish. I do believe that bringing people together for a common goal makes change happen. Look at Harper’s Yard for example. A few people came along to chow down cake, one rainy morning in, you’ve guessed it, November, a couple of years ago. Since then several of these marvellous events have taken place, raising thousands for charity, and a community has grown around it. Happily, they are having another of their brilliant events on the 1st December, so I’ll be there, munching buns and hopefully feeling positive after a month of making small changes.

Here’s a heads up of a few things I’m planning, should it inspire you to organise something similar.

  1. I’m asking members of our running club to have a root through all their sports gear and see if they have items that they are finished with or simply don’t wear any more, and I want to collect these for a charity which distributes these to refugees and asylum seekers so they can practise their sport of choice.
  2. I have signed up to a fundraiser called ‘The Big Broth’ and a few mums are coming to mine for a lunch of soup and sandwiches, for which they will make a donation to the charity Centre-point. This sounds like a lovely initiative, and is also a great way to use up leftover pumpkin. (So may sad, unwanted and massacred pumpkins around Halloween.)
  3. At our parkrun I will be organising a coffee morning so runners can enjoy a bun after their exercise, and make a contribution to a good cause.
  4. Towards the end of the month I’m delighted to be having a few friends round mine for a ‘swap-shop’. I LOVE a swap-shop.  Invitees arrive with a bag of loot of which they want rid, we see if there are any takers, and if not, despatch the items to a charity shop. Oh, and obviously we drink wine, and snack upon crisps and dips. I am excited about all of the above.

That’s it. Expect updates and if you are in any way adept with social media, get hash tagging with #do1thingnovember.


And thank you, for checking out the page.